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National Specialty
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National Specialty Awards Winners      
Award Award Winner(s) State Association NAE4-HA Region
4-H Military Partnership Award Beth Drescher Kansas North Central
Beyond Youth Leadership Stephanie Myers Georgia Southern
Citizenship in 4-H Youth Development Award Kati Sweet Indiana North Central
  Steve McKinley Indiana North Central
  Doug Keenen Indiana North Central
  Randy Brown Indiana North Central
  Dan Miller Indiana North Central
Denise Miller National 4-H Innovator Award Hope Bragg Arkansas Southern
Diversity & Inclusion: Expanding the 4-H Audience Award Heather VonDielingen Indiana North Central
  Renee McKee Indiana North Central
  Erika Bonnett Indiana North Central
Educational Technology Award – Individual Claudia Meeks Baney Tennessee Southern
Educational Technology Award – Team Tamara Pellien New Jersey Northeast
  Hannah Goldmanu New Jersey Northeast
Excellence in 4-H Club Support Award – Individual Reaza Mansur Oregon Western
Excellence in 4-H Club Support Award – Team Kati Sweet Indiana North Central
  Pandora Woodward Indiana North Central
  Kathleen Bohde Indiana North Central
  Sarah Burke Indiana North Central
  Amanda Veenhuizen Indiana North Central
  Heather Dougherty Indiana North Central
  Rena Sheldon Indiana North Central
  Xiomara Diaz-Vargas Indiana North Central
  Jim Becker Indiana North Central
  Hilary Shilosio Indiana North Central
Excellence in 4-H Volunteerism - Team Steve McKinley Indiana North Central
  Kari Robideau Minnesota North Central
  Molly Frendo Minnesota North Central
  Eric Vogel Minnesota North Central
  Rod Buchele Kansas North Central
  Pat McGlaughlin Illinois North Central
  Becky Harrington Minnesota North Central
  Heidi Haugen Minnesota North Central
  Kandi O'Neil Wisconsin North Central
  Chris Gleason Iowa North Central
  Cathy Johnston Nebraska North Central
  Jill Jorgensen Wisconsin North Central
  Jennifer Lobley Maine North Central
  Carrie Olson Minnesota North Central
  Meg Sage Wisconsin North Central
  Brenda Shafer Minnesota North Central
  Dawn VandeVoort Wisconsin North Central
  Mary Jo Williams Missouri North Central
  Rachelle Vettern North Dakota North Central
  Anne Stevenson Minnesota North Central
  Lisa Bottomley Michigan North Central
  Tammy Gillespie Missouri North Central
  Jennifer Weichel Michigan North Central
  Sarah Maass Kansas North Central
Excellence in 4-H Volunteerism - Individual Lewis Honaker West Virginia Northeast
Excellence in Animal Science Programming Award Julie Thelen Michigan North Central
Excellence in Camping Award – Individual Kimberly Fry Wyoming Western
Excellence in Camping Award – Team Crystal McCazzio Florida Southern
  Evelyn "Prissy" Fletcher Florida Southern
  Amy Warwick Hedstrom Florida Southern
  Wendy Lynch Florida Southern
  Maia Mcguire Florida Southern
  Mark Warren Florida Southern
Excellence in Geospatial Programs Awards - Individual Brian Kailey Colorado Western
Excellence in Global Citizenship Programming Shelley Meyer Kentucky Northeast
Excellence in Healthy Living Programming Award Maureen Toomey Idaho Western
  Grace Wittman Idaho Western
  Shelly Johnson Idaho Western
  Bridget Morrisroe-Aman Idaho Western
  Liliana Vega Idaho Western
  Donna Gillespie Idaho Western
  Surine Greenway Idaho Western
  Julie Buck Idaho Western
  Joey Peutz Idaho Western
  Rhea Lanting Idaho Western
  Dr. Annie Roe Idaho Western
  Kristin Hansen Idaho Western
  Kali Gardiner Idaho Western
  Cammie Jayo Idaho Western
  Sarah Hulse Idaho Western
  Judith McShane Idaho Western
  Joyce Cavazos Idaho Western
  Madison Crookham Idaho Western
Excellence in Natural Resources/Environmental Education Award – Individual Crystal Reith Minnesota North Central
Excellence in Natural Resources/Environmental Education Award – Team Jennifer Fetter Pennsylvania Northeast
  Bradley Kunsman Pennsylvania Northeast
  Sanford Smith Pennsylvania Northeast
  Susan Boser Pennsylvania Northeast
  Carissa Longo Pennsylvania Northeast
Excellence in Teamwork Award Kendra M Lewis California Western
  JoLynn Miller California Western
  Marianne Bird California Western
  John Borba California Western
  Tim Ewers Idaho Western
  Russell Hill California Western
  Meghan Phillippi Montana Western
  Jeannette Rea-Keywood New Jersey Northeast
  Nancy Shelstad Idaho Western
  Kali Trzesniewski California Western
Excellence in Urban 4-H Programming Award Jennifer Cushman Connecticut Northeast
  Mary-Margaret Gaudio Connecticut Northeast
  Sharon Gray Connecticut Northeast
  Miriah Kelly Connecticut Northeast
  Linda Byam Connecticut Northeast
  Christine Connecticut Northeast
Greg Yost Memorial Youth in Leadership Award Tami Eggers Colorado Western
Interactive 4-H Educational Web Site Award Dr. Molly Gregg Alabama Southern
  Kimberly Graham Alabama Southern
  Bruce Dupree Alabama Southern
  David McCormick Alabama Southern
  Aimee Lewis Alabama Southern
  Brynne McCormick Alabama Southern
Life Member Award Darrel Thomas Indiana North Central
Search for Excellence in Teen Programming Award – Individual Robin Schamber Wyoming Western
Search for Excellence in Teen Programming Award – Team Fralonda Aubrey Texas Southern
  Sonja Davis Texas Southern
  Allen Malone Texas Southern
  Rocio Reyes Texas Southern
  Xiomara Diaz-Vargas Texas Southern
Excellence in Communication and Expressive Arts Award – Individual Malea Lyn Huffman Indiana North Central
Excellence in Communication and Expressive Arts Award – Team Megan Blaser Colorado Western
  Elisa Locke Colorado Western
  Pat Alger Colorado Western
  MaryBeth Solano Colorado Western
  Stacy Farmer Colorado Western
  Cami Farmer Colorado Western
  Miranda Sandoval Colorado Western
  Lea Farmer Colorado Western
  Christina Ruffatti Colorado Western
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